When we first started Deli Delight in 2003, our idea was simply to bring wonderful gourmet food to the staff of our parent company and the airport community, but it proved so popular that we decided to offer it to everyone in Hong Kong.


We work closely with a strong base of over 300 suppliers to search in all parts of the world to bring you the finest food for your gourmet pleasure. Rest assured our Chef Team and Purchasing Team hold high and stringent standards in their product selection to ensure you will not be disappointed.


We want to excite the chef in you by bringing you the finest selection of high-quality gourmet meats, hard-to-find food items, festive fare and branded cookware from around the world.

  • Corporate Identity Development

  • Creative Web Design & Development with Mobile Version and Mobile Application

  • Integrated with POS, Incentory, CRM, etc.

  • Enterprise e-Commerce Solutions

  • CRM Modules Development

  • Asia miles Integration

  • Logistics Module Development

  • Wholesale Module Development

  • Dedicated Server Rental Solutions

  • Dedicated Project Management Team

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