IN BETWEEN is a personal new vision of what a social phenomenon and humanity projection. It is an intimate and emotional expression of the designer’s taste. IN BETWEEN celebrates a sense of deconstruction, which defines unisex and offers a unique take on modern elegance and sensibility. The first collection was launched in 2012 Fall Winter.

IN BETWEEN signature style is creating the “Lifestyle” & “Well coordinated” high-end product. The product lines focus on the character representing. It is the designer’s ability to project his personal vision into the world of fashion accessories, which makes the collection exceptionally desirable.

Another goal of INBETWEEN is to build the long lasting relationship with customers. We believed all of the designs should also be created with heart and carry some meanings.

  • Tailor made Design

  • Responsive Website Development

  • Production Showroom CMS

  • Content CMS

  • E-Shop Solutions (Shopping Cart, Payment Gateway, Shipping, Currency, Loyalty Program, etc.)

  • 3rd Party Program Integration (Product, Inventory)

  • Web Hosting Service

  • Integrated Marketing Solutions

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