From the 20th Century, women gained equal rights with men. Ladies are more independent and knowledgeable, but also, good wives and mothers. Our founder started to create a new brand for New Woman, a brand which is different from those already exist, “Lextia”. “Lextia” named by celebration and inspiration of Greek goddess Hestia. “Lex” sounds like “Let us”, a pronunciation with happiness and dynamic; connecting with “tia”, the words taken from a Greek goddess– Hestia, the important goddess of hearth and home. Although Hestia was sometimes marginalized as a less important domestic goddess, she was described as the most gentle and charitable god. Hestia pledged herself as a virgin and was deeply honored by the ancient Greek women; also, a representative of young lady who is dressing sweet and modestly. Lextia Jewellery is made up of simplistic forms and unique ideas from our in-house designers, translated into: 925 Silver and Stainless Steel with Swarovski Elements. Unique and modern high quality jewelries from Lextia are created for ladies to mix and match in different occasions.

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