Media Savvy was founded in 2004, focusing first on minibus media solution that includes placing an advertisement on a minibus Media Savvy is a leading out-of-home media company with advertising displays inside hospitals, clinics, drugstores and on fixed route minibus body. We own rights to build static posters and digital displays in most government hospitals, private hospitals and clinics in Hong Kong and Singapore. We have also built digital displays inside Watsons, CRCare drugstores, and many small pharmacies in Hong Kong and Macau as our in-store media platform. Media Savvy also has exclusive rights to install body and seatback ads on most of the Green Minibus routes (fixed routes) in Hong Kong, especially those that runs through hospitals. Media Savvy is set to provide clients with one-stop solution to advertise on our hospital, drugstore, clinic platform, as well as our minibus body advertising format concurrently.

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