viiPOS is not only a sales system. It’s built for the nowadays substantial retail business, with the comprehensive features like rapid transaction flow, advanced inventory management, strong product DB, advanced CRM setting,  richly promotional rules setting, precise reports, etc. Multi shops management is certainly the strongest trump card of viiPOS.

When you sign in to viiManager, you can access all the important information about your retail business without boundary. You can also do all the retail daily operations via viiManager, i.e. product DB entry, inventory management, CRM management, reports analysis, etc.

  • Invoice Entry & Enquiry
  • Deposit Entry & Enquiry
  • Inventory Control & adjustment
  • Support multi currencies, US$ and RMB
  • Support Octopus and EPS
  • Multi-Staff Authority Group Setting
  • Staff authority & Access Right Control
  • Staff Attendance Management
  • Schedule Management
  • Multi-Locations Management
  • Web-based Operation Management
  • Product information
  • Barcode Generation and Setting
  • Product Categories
  • Brand, Style, Attribute & Value configuration
  • Product Images Upload
  • Product Batch Upload
  • Stock Alert
  • Stock Transfer Management
  • Stock Take Management
  • Stock Batch Upload


  • Overview Summary
  • Payment Summary
  • Sales Summary
  • Inventory & Stock Summary
  • Invoice Summary
  • Product Summary
  • Customer Summary
  • Staff List & Action Log
  • Individual product or bundle products discount setting
  • Multi-Discount & Promotional Rules Setting
  • Difference promotion period or seasonal setting
  • Product series discount setting
  • Difference shop promotion setting
  • Customer & Multi-Customer Group Setting
  • Bonus Point Setting

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viiPOS also provides O2O solutions which connects with your e-shop (online) and your retail shop (offline).

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