In an affluent society, everyone wants to stay healthy and away from critical illnesses. One of the best ways is to maintain efficient blood circulation with sufficient oxygen. Efficient blood circulation provides the necessary pressure for the lymphatic network that in turn promotes drainage and enhancing immune system.  Tissues of the body are alkaline with sufficient oxygen level that helps us to stay away from critical diseases.
The long tradition and history of Europe shows that Vitis Vinifera (grape) is taken as an effective mean of anti-oxidant and blood circulation enhancement.  No wonder more and more people are drinking red wine.
VITAS offers an excellent series of French product using Vitis Vinifera (red grape leaf and grape seed essence) formulation in edible capsule and external use cream gel respectively to manage lymphatic network effectively.  This is a safe, effective and convenient mean to achieve the above goal.



Good lymphatic management relieves fatigue and stress thereby improving immune system, staying healthy and away from critical illnesses.  We believe in using the soothing power of mother nature, thus managing the lymphatic network holistically through preventive and proactive means.

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