Not content with the quality and design of the existing sports packs in the market at that time, Altshule brothers, Americans and both are outdoor enthusiasts, decided to rent a small warehouse in California in 1973 and start producing quality sports packs under their own brand name, OUTDOOR PRODUCTS. Replying on the brothers’ persistence in product quality, OUTDOOR PRODUCTS packs are presently the favorite of the Americans and have been one of the top three best selling products for many years.
In Japanese drama series “Beautiful Life” in 2001, the pastel blue pack carried by the hero of the drama, Japanese top icon TAKUYA KIMURA, instantly became a fad of the time in Hong Kong, Japan and Korea. It also established the reputation of OUTDOOR PRODUCTS as a legendary lifestyle brand in Asian regions.
Towards the product quality, OUTDOOR PRODUCTS always keeps scrupulous, all the materials and accessories are of highest quality and under strict supervision : highly water- repellent nylon fabrics exported from Korea, branded zippers & buckles. For product design, we always keep our products fashionable and feature patterned fancy fabrics.
Thanks to the market needs, we launched UV sunglasses, sun hats and winter-related stuff successively since 2002. As OUTDOOR PRODUCTS’ motto towards product design and quality persistence, consumers gain satisfaction from all our products.
Especially for the hand-made UV sunglasses, the frame completely designs and fits for Asians’ face, in addition to exquisite craftsmanship; they meet Europe and US requirement for standard UV sun-glasses lens, which are absolutely stylish practical accessories.
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