Dashboard Interface

  • An easy-to-understand dashboard gives you a high-level view of all features of viiPOS including invoice, stock, product, customer, promotional setting, reports, etc.

Seamless Sales Workflow

  • From adding products to the cart, to selecting payment method, Making transaction can only be completed in few seconds.
  • You can accept two or more payment types in a single transaction, for example, credit card and cash, or multiple credit cards.


  • Refund past orders to the customer using the original payment method.

Order history

  • View all past orders made in store, search by customer, product, or date.

Cash Drawer Log History

  • Easily monitor all cash register adjustments and staff changes throughout the day.
  • Create multiple staff accounts. All orders and register activity is tracked by staff account.


Product Inventory


Product DB

  • Organize products by category, type, season, sale, and more.
  • Product Variations Setting for clothing or apparel stores which can create size-color combination for products to simplify ordering, receiving, selling, and reporting.
  • Assign existing barcodes to products or create new ones or even both. Quickly scan in your customers order using your barcode scanner.
  • Here’s no limit to the number or type of products you can sell with our viiPOS system.

Simplify Stock Management

  • Track the precise value of existing stock.
  • Track inventory and serialized product with precision as it moves through your store.
  • Color-matrix shows you what’s available and what’s coming at anytime.
  • Virtual Warehouses allow you to transfer stock from your sellable inventory to those virtual warehouse.
  • Stock Warning  prompts you when product levels run low.
  • Built-in barcode label module gives you a convenience way to  generate your product labels,  no matter a single label or batch printing.

Get help with inventory counts

  • Use stock take terminal for rapid stocktaking that is both simple and accurate.
  • Complete full or partial inventory counts of your products to manage your regular counts.
  • Compare counted totals with current levels to find discrepancies quickly and easily.





Demonstrating to your customers that you know and care about them by taking advantage of viiPOS’s unique features to track, manage, and stay in touch with your customers. Our viiPOS’s customer profile captures and organizes customer data, giving you instant access to individual contact info, bonus point, as well as an accurate history of each customer’s transactions and purchases.

Create New Customers From The POS

  • Easily add new customers at our viiPOS, or import in bulk from another platform using CSV file.

Customer Profiles

  • Learn more about your customers and their shopping habits. Find their contact info and order history at a glance.

Extend Your Reach

  • Reward specific customer groups with automated discounts.

Engage Your Customers.

  • Just switch it on, set your reward ratio, and every qualifying purchase earns Loyalty.


Promotional Setting

Promotional Setting

  • Offer discounts by percentage or dollar amount on one product or your customer’s full order.
  • Use accurate and informed pricing strategies to increase your margins.
  • Build repeat sales and customer loyalty through automated discounts based on quantity or customer category.
  • Create rules that automatically apply new pricing when pre-defined criteria are met.
  • Set up as many as 5 alternate prices for each product, to quickly adjust for specific customers or situations.

Earning Loyalty

  • Customers earn Loyalty on every qualifying purchase. Encourage new customers to join by offering additional loyalty points if they register online.

Redeeming Loyalty

  • Customers can see their Loyalty balance on receipts, and redeem it as credit against future purchases. Staff can view a customer’s Loyalty balance at the sell & payment screens. Loyalty balances are instantly updated after the redemption of credits.

You’re in control

  • Offer one simple Loyalty rate on all products, or apply custom rates for special products. viiPOS allow flexibility to offer bonus rates to groups of products or customers, for limited time promotions or VIP rewards.


Dynamic Reports



viiPOS’s powerful reporting module makes it easy to configure and run reports with blazing speed and is designed to help you focus on detailed information to identify strengths and correct weaknesses quickly and easily for strategic advantage.


  • A fruitful dashboard of your sales, orders, etc., helps you make the right choices for your business.

Track Your Sales and Growth

  • Detailed business reports help you analyze and gain insight into your products, orders and payments.

Export reports

  • All reports can be printed, previewed, or exported to Excel and PDF.


Mobility Management


Track Your Business Anywhere

When you sign into viiManager, you can access all the important information about your retail business without boundary. You can also do all the retail daily operations via viiManager, i.e. product DB entry, inventory management, CRM management, reports analysis, etc.

Mobile dashboard

  • Quickly see items that need your attention, and track trends in your business.

Manage inventory

  • Add products, take a product photo, change a price, or add inventory – all from your mobile devices.
  • Look up customer profiles.

Staff Accounts

  • Create multiple staff accounts, each with an unique staff code. All orders and register activity is tracked by staff account.

All your data synced with viiPOS

  • Your products, inventory, orders, customers, etc., are automatically synchronized between viiPOS and viiManager. Meanwhile, all data are automatically updated and backed up in the web server as well.



viiO2O Solution


viiO2O is an integrated online to offline  / offline to online commerce solution that helps you grow your business from online to offline / offline to online while simplifying your backend management. ViiESHOP integrates with viiPOS seamlessly, giving you a single view to manage the useful data of sales, inventory and customers, etc.,

Online Store

  • Beautiful responsive web development. All optimized to look great on any devices or screen sizes. Mobile-friendly frontend.  The online store design is built with the usage of mobile phones & tablets.

Shopping Cart

  • Trustful shopping cart. Protect your customers’ payment information throughout PayPal or other checkout processes
  • Fast checkout process. It benefits for customers during the checkout progress and to come back for more with a simple and painless checkout progress.
  • Multi-Payment gateways. Start using the world-leading secure payment gateways, such as PayPal, Alipay, Paydollar, etc.
  • Flexible shipping rates. No matter flat rates by shipment or by item, or flexible shipping rates depending on product size. You can even set free shipping and customize the shipping rates by country and region.

Store Management

  • Sales Order Management. Simply fulfill orders and maintain accurate stock, with an viiESHOP online inventory integrated with viiPOS seamlessly.
  • Automated Notification Emails. Get email notification when you receive new orders.

Inventory Management

  • Centralizing Product Database. Admin only has to manage the single product database for both physical and online stores.
  • Seamlessly Inventory Synchronization. Up to date inventory and stock data with seamlessly inventory syncing across viiESHOP and viIPOS.
  • Product photos and descriptions. Synchronized all product photos and other product information from viiPOS to viiESHOP. Presenting your products in different angles and provide your customers with all the information they need to make a painless purchase.
  • Synchronized Product Catalog. Synchronized product catalog including type, brand, season, category, etc., across viiPOS and viiESHOP helps your customers quickly find what they’re looking for.
  • Discounts and promotions. Easily setting discounts and promotions across all your physical and online stores
  • Unlimited Product Insert. Do your best to sell all your products online since there are no limitations.

Customer Management

  • Customer accounts. They can create a personal account in viiESHOP to save their preferences, or can simply checkout as a guest.
  • Single customer profile and information across online viiESHOP and offline viiPOS. Keep all your customer information in single customer database – whether they shop with you physical store, online store, or both.


  • Social media integration. Engaging with your customers deeply and promoting your messages by easily linking up with different social networks, e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Email marketing. Gather customer details online to build your CRM database, and then export the list to our mailExpress EDM System for EDM delivery.

Professional Reporting & Analytics

  • In-depth and fruitful sales reports. Drill down into the numbers with powerful insights of your own business. Break it down by online store or physical store, or get the total picture by using our professional reporting system.
  • Convenient online order reports. knowing precisely the order status. How many orders are still open, which ones are being processed, and which ones have been shipped.
  • Google Analytics Integration. Integrating Google Analytics to see where your traffic is coming from and get additional insights on your website’s performance. The most important benefit is to clearly understand the cart conversions – from visiting, checkout or drop off during the checkout progress.



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